Learn Java, Getting off the Starting Blocks

Are we in denial about learning Java? This is advice to beginners from Rick Delpo, a retired Senior Data Engineer at GE. I will help you reason thru this dilemma of getting started with Java, breaking the ice and ending that fear and procrastination.

If we don’t cut to the chase early and learn the very basics of Java then we may never learn java and thus will be precluded from lucrative employment opportunities. Yes u will leave money on the table while others grab at these 6 figure opportunities and leave u in the dust.

When I was a beginner 20 years ago I tried to read some technical articles and became way over my head on the second sentence. There are many writers out there who love to spar around with complicated java jargon which does only one thing in my opinion, it scares the beginner. I was so discouraged. Then Google research became a kind of research hell going in 20 different directions with writers spewing advice at advanced levels where I was not. And to make matters worse there are way too many choices for the beginner and he or she does not even know where to start.

inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, annotations, multiple arguments, recursion, encapsulation ….. I don’t blame u for being afraid

All this stuff involves interaction between multiple classes when the beginner is struggling just to create one class. Then the one class, usually a ‘hello world’ class does not teach too much so where is the beginner to go?

If u are in school then u may not be able to avoid these topics and will also be quizzed on them. So teachers in school will brush over some of these topics too fast and not all students will equally soak up the knowledge like a sponge. They will be left behind, and this could sometimes be the majority of students in a given class. If you are not in a school setting then u MUST avoid these complicated topics in the very beginning and can easily revisit them later when ready and if needed.

What to do now being damned if u do and damned if u don’t

Let’s understand that we can learn Java basics just by knowing some shortcuts and now comes the SQL piece. Nobody said u need to know all of Java.

Why SQL? Understanding SQL with Java skips over all this intimidating stuff that is preventing the beginner from learning or is steering the fearful beginner over to Python which is much easier but hides many programming concepts in the background which also prevents the struggling beginner from learning. Out of site, out of mind is not good for a beginner. SQL knowledge gives the beginner a chance because in SQL we generally use only one class at a time with a Java connection object which is why I prefer to do a Java Servlet to access the data. And we also use generally one or 2 imports and only one or two methods in our class which keeps it simple for the beginner. We get another bonus by using http protocol in a webapp.

So in addition to using SQL as a springboard I like to teach beginners also about Python and SQL. The reason I do this is so we can expand our knowledge of Python and Java by comparing both languages and also so we don’t limit ourselves to just one language. I also have another reason. I like to include Python because many Python users dis Java as being too hard to learn. Bottom line, we can learn both languages by comparing one to another.

Try the suggested Java/SQL approach by studying my FREE tutorials and then use our new found knowledge as a foundation to build on this knowledge at your own pace. Within days u will be able to boast to your friends that u know 2 programming languages along with Sql and Webapp dev

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